Glowbee® the glowing hats

Glowbee® – Be(e) protected

Glowbee® is the first hat worldwide with an active glowing bopple.

This light marker signals fun and attraction during the grey and dark fall and winter season. But most important it satisfies one aim: more traffic security for pedestrians – especially children.

Because one dismal fact for instance is for sure: every 27 seconds a child is being injured in Germany by a car. These kinds of accidents happen during fall and winter twice as often as in spring and summer.

To change this to the better is our aim and motivation.

We are aware that reflectors are being put on outdoor jackets, rucksacks and beanies; or people simply wear flashy outfits. But in terms of security nothing can compare with an active light marker. Such a flashing signal should send its light from the highest point of the body and not to be shadowed by anything – and thus be noticed on a 3600 angle. Furthermore it should be recognizable from afar – at best 500 meters – and be attract a best possible attention (blinking or permanent shining light).

With this glowing bopple light hat we combine security with style and function because we believe that the best protection is worthless when not daily and actively employed.

Glowbee® protects … with style.

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