how it works

Glowbee® is functioning simply:

    • when the Glowbee® parcel has been brought to you and you hold the bopple cap first time in your hand, you must put the electronic unit into active modus. For that you screw out the electronic unit from inside the cap with a quarter turn ant-clockwise.
    • you are now holding the electronic unit in your hands and you can open it by turning the lower part – again anti-clockwise.
    • before the unit can flash its light you must take away the small plastic sheet between the batteries. (Here you can later after 50 hours (blink mode) of use replace the two batteries (CR 2430)
    • now you can assemble all parts and put the functioning electronic unit back into the bopple.

    Now you can start 🙂

You can either start your Glowbee® by pressing the push button inside the cap and then put it on your head. Or you put your Glowbee® first on your head and by pressing from above onto the light bopple you can turn it on and off.

Now you glow … and attract more attention!

1x pressing: permanent light.
2x pressing: your Glowbee® flashes on and off.
3x pressing: your lowbee® bopple is turned off.