the idea

We are three young guys who want to generate more light into the dark seasons.Our flashing bopple signals fun and attraction during the dark fall and winter season. But – most important – it satisfies our aim: bringing more traffic security for pedestrians – especially children.

Glowbee® has gathered some more useful facts for you:

    • opening hours for kindergarten and schools are in Germany between 7:30 and 8 am.
    • many children and teenagers are moving around during evening hours to engage in sport activities, attend music lessons or to simply hang out together.
    • in Germany – for instance Stuttgart – sunrise is in 168 days/year past 7 am, in 51 days even past 8 am.
    • in Stuttgart the sun sets in 176 days/year before 7 pm; in 76 days even before 5 pm.
    • 90% of a car drivers’ perception occurs thru the eyes.

    Glowbee® is cool… and provides children protection by better visibility and keeps an eye on them in traffic.